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By Chandrashekhar Kumbhar
Microsoft Certified:
IEEE Professional Member

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What You’ll Learn In This Webinar


Uncover the intricacies of the data science ecosystem and how it powers industries worldwide.

Career Insight

Learn about the countless job opportunities in data science and how to kickstart your career.

Real-World Applications

Dive into the practical applications of data science in various domains

In-Demand Skill

Discover the essential skills and tools every data scientist needs to excel in the field.

Future Prospects

Get an exclusive sneak peek into the latest data science trends and what the future holds for professionals.

Success Stories

Hear from data science experts who have achieved remarkable results and learn from their experiences and journeys to success.

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Know Your Coach

Mr. Chandrashekhar Kumbhar

Chandrashekhar Kumbhar has clearly established himself as an Authority on Data Science and Azure 7X, for which he also

Received (Awards, Achievements)

and featured in Top Publications In last few years. Mr. Chandrashekhar talks about “How to Get Job In Data Science” which no one talks about.
He has given hits after hits in his work in Microsoft, TCS, Deloitte & Myntra

Helping 1280+ people

Get to know all about Data Science Career Opportunity through his seminars and events,
Mr. Chandrashekar is a well known figure in Data Science domain.

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Actual Price ₹599/-

Price Goes Up Soon To ₹599

Frequently Asked Questions

This webinar will provide insights into the evolving field of data science and its potential in 2024.

You will gain knowledge about the current and future trends in data science, its applications, and the skills needed for success in this field.

Yes, this webinar is completely free.

This is a live webinar, and you will have the opportunity to interact with the speakers through a Q&A session.